Precisely Sokoma Projects business is to development and empower of our staff and associated Suppliers and Subcontractors (SMME’S) consistent with our capacity” to deliver

Internally we have a finacial managemnt control systems which allocates a percentage of Sokoma Projects shares, debt free income from these shares, and more, is dedicated/focused on the fast track development of the financing projects.

A further measure of that success is that our finances must be adequately utilized.

The success of our Finance management has been a function of training provided by external professional service providers in areas such as negotiating skills, building contracts, programming, estimating, valuations, finance for non-financial managers, concrete technology, accounting and more. The formal training is then supported by creating a mentorship structure within Sokoma Projects with experienced practitioners supporting the newer entrants.

In terms of working with mines , Sokoma Projects has a proven track record as recognized in a number of achievements in the execution a number of enterprises. The ability to accomplish each project simply clarifies the potential of our company competence.